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Q. What does ImmoKonect mean?


A. "Immo" is derived from the French word "immobilier" which means real            estate. This is our way of saying we keep people connected when it comes        to selling and buying real estate.

Q. Why should I use ImmoKonect when selling my home?


A. Our service can save you as much as *75% of the fees that you would               normally pay in commissions at settlement. That's thousands of dollars you     keep in your pocket to use for your family, start a new business or put               towards retirement!

Q. Does it cost anything to use the service?


A. Yes. There is a 3% transaction fee for the seller*.

Q. How can I sign up for ImmoKonect?


A. Simply fill out our seller profile sheet to get started.  


Q. Is there a minimum time to commit to the service?


A. No there is not. You can cancel at any time but we like when cancellations        are due to a sale or purchase of a new home. Yay!

Q. What if I have land to sell? Can I still use the service?


A. Yes you can. When filling out your seller profile you will have an option for         selecting *land or even commercial properties.

Q. What about document reviewing, home inspections, staging or minor home                   repairs?


A. We provide you with all the necessary resources you need in order to make the           best decisions during your transaction for a successful settlement. 


*The seller only pays the transaction fee at successful settlement. If the buyer is not represented by a licensed real estate agent they are subject to a 1% service fee based on the sale price of the property at closing. Realtors are subject to a 1% service fee. Seller agrees to buyer agent fee (negotiable) when a buyer is represented by a licensed realtor. Land and commercial properties posted are subject to review and final approval from ImmoKonect representatives. ImmoKonect is not endorsed by any real estate companies or its vendors.

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